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Ubiquiti AG-HP-5G27 Antenna Driver

AirGrid M5: Next-Gen 5GHz CPE Technology - Feed technology, the new AirGrid M HI POWER Series represents the evolution of outdoor broadband wireless. Ubiquiti AG-HP-5G27 at $ with 1 year warranty Ubiquiti airGrid M5 HP 5 GHz InnerFeed Antenna (27 dBi). UBIQUITI AG-HP-5G27 5 GHz 27dBi CPE Antenna. Call or Email For Price Info. Subject to Prior Sale. AirGrid M5: Next-Gen 5GHz CPE Technology - Feed.


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Ubiquiti AG-HP-5G27 Antenna Driver

Waterfall Aggregate energy Ubiquiti AG-HP-5G27 Antenna for each frequency Waveform Aggregate energy collected Ambient Noise Level Background noise energy shown as a function of frequency Available with a firmware upgrade to airOS v7. Waterfall Chart This time-based graph shows the aggregate energy collected since the start of an AirView session, over time for each frequency.

Ubiquiti Networks - airGrid® M

The power of the energy in dBm is shown across the frequency span and one row is inserted in this graph every few seconds. It is important Ubiquiti AG-HP-5G27 Antenna note that the color of the energy designates its amplitude.

The darker colors Blues and darker shades mean very low to low energy levels at that frequency bin, whereas Ubiquiti AG-HP-5G27 Antenna brighter colors ie: Green, Yellow, Orange, and finally Red designate increasingly higher energy levels at the specific frequency bin. The Waterfall View's legend top-right corner provides a numerical guide associating the various colors to power levels dBm. The low end of that legend left is always adjusted with the calculated noise floor, and the high end right is set to the highest detected power level since the start of the session. Channel Usage Chart This graph is ideal for determining the best channel to setup a WiFi network for optimal performance. In the graph, each Ubiquiti AG-HP-5G27 Antenna.

This percentage is calculated by analyzing both the popularity and the strength of RF energy in Ubiquiti AG-HP-5G27 Antenna channel since the start of a AirView session. An installer could use this view to optimize a network installation by avoiding highly used channels and setting up new AP's on channels showing the least usage.

Waveform Chart This graph shows the aggregate energy collected since the start of an AirView Session. The power of the energy in dBm is shown across the frequency span.

Ubiquiti AirGrid M5-HP Series

A Blue color will mean energy at a particular strength and frequency appears in the air with a relatively low occurence, whereas increasingly brighter colors ie: The spectral view over time will essentially display the steady-state RF energy signature of a given environment. Real-time Chart This graph displays a traditional Ubiquiti AG-HP-5G27 Antenna Analyzer in which energy in dBm is shown real-time as a function of frequency.


Hardware Installation Hardware Installation Ubiquiti AG-HP-5G27 Antenna the airGrid according to your chosen polarization. Attach the L-Bracket to the Grid Reflector by sliding the tabs into the slots.

Ubiquiti AG-HP-5G27 AirGrid Outdoor Unit M5 27Dbi Antenna

Ubiquiti AG-HP-5G27 Antenna polarization of the airGrid must match the polarization of its corresponding device horizontal to horizontal, vertical to vertical. Attach the Rear Housing: Ensure the four alignment holes on the Grid Reflector and L-Bracket are lined up. Orient the Rear Housing with the locking tab Ubiquiti AG-HP-5G27 Antenna the cable feed door facing up. Insert the alignments pins of the Rear Housing into the alignment holes, and push until the Rear Housing locks into place with a click.

Lift the locking tab of the cable feed door Ubiquiti AG-HP-5G27 Antenna detach the door from the Rear Housing. Connect the cable to the Ethernet port on the back of the Antenna Feed.

  • Ubiquiti airGrid M5 HP AG-HP-5G27 Outdoor 5GHz 30+km +Mbps PoE
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  • Ubiquiti AirGrid M AG-HP-5G27 5 GHz 27dBi CPE Antenna

Attach the Antenna Feed: Rotate the Ubiquiti AG-HP-5G27 Antenna Feed to match the signal polarization. Insert the Antenna Feed into the Feed Extender, and push until it locks into place with a click.

Vertical Polarization Horizontal Polarization 8. Lightly pull the Antenna Feed to ensure that the Release Button is fully engaged and locked into place.

Ubiquiti AG-HP-5G27 Quick Start Manual

The Release Button indicates the Antenna Feed polarization. The polarization indicators must match. Vertical Ubiquiti AG-HP-5G27 Antenna Horizontal Polarization Re-attach the cable feed door to the Rear Housing. Ensure the locking tab securely latches to the Rear Housing.


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