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ATI Avivo Complete Package Driver

[Archive] Hyperfast H (and others) encoding with ATI Avivo Xcode - i am Download the latest ATI Catalyst "complete avivo package" on. This set of video and display technologies is named ATI Avivo™ HD. In order to enable full HD video decode on a complete range of PC graphics solutions. A complete Avivo platform features an Avivo capture card, and an Avivo graphics card. As of today, the only Avivo capture card available is the ATI Theater . set and NOT ONE which shows a lightweight viewing/capture app.


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Supported systems: Windows 2K, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista 64 bit, Windows 7, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 10
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ATI Avivo Complete Package Driver

Upon selecting ATI Avivo Video Converter, we were immediately greeted by this screen, where we could browse to our source ATI Avivo Complete Package for the transcoding. Some relevant information about the source is displayed, along with the location of the output file.

Users basically select the source file in the wizard along with the desired output path. Then, they are given a choice of video formats to which the converter is to transcode the source video to.

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To make things easy for casual users, certain popular formats like iPod and PSP are already included. Following that, users can use a slider bar to indicate the quality of the transcoded video. Ranging from a low to high ATI Avivo Complete Package no other options, it's as basic as you can get.

The converter estimates the file size and bitrate of the output video according to the quality slider bar before one starts the transcoding process. The next step is to choose the format for the output. There's a slider bar for users to ATI Avivo Complete Package the quality of the output file, together with the estimated file size of the file.

And that's all the user can do about the quality settings. It's simple and woefully inadequate for our purpose.


The estimated file size is also often way off the mark with the final file size. Our Thoughts Basic is the only word to describe both the interface and the options available in ATI's video converter.


We found that the estimated output file size and bitrate were rarely in accordance with the final video file produced, at least not for the many videos we were ATI Avivo Complete Package to convert. It was not only slightly inaccurate, but rather on the scale of hundreds of megabytes.

  • What is ATI Avivo High Definition (ATI Avivo HD)? - Definition from Techopedia
  • Software Encoder - AMD Avivo MediaPortal HTPC
  • ATI's Avivo Platform - H.264 Decode and Transcode Acceleration on R5xx
  • Navigation menu
  • Streaming into the Future - ATI Stream Update

Next, there were the crashes, especially when we fiddled around too long or too much with the quality slider bar. Ateme was still 3x slower than avivo and Avivo's quality was much higher.


Somehow, this page was taken out of the document the next ATI Avivo Complete Package, so I'm guessing Ateme didn't like this and asked the MSU guys to take it out. Maybe Dmitry can jump in and provide more info gameplaya 22nd August Unfortunately, graphedit isn't exactly a fantastic capture application: I don't think ATI Avivo Complete Package even need an ATI card at all to use these speed demons: I guess enough time's gone by that everyone's forgotten or just wasn't around when the AVIVO myth was debunked initially upon the release of the first few builds.

Then days later after the first review sites like anandtech were skeptical about the encode speeds someone hacked it such that it worked on any graphics card, bypassing the vidcard check routine or whatever. Heck ATI Avivo Complete Package even ran it on a laptop that a peashooter Intel onboard graphic chip and came up with basically the same encode times as my powerful desktop PC with high-end ATI card.

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Clearly the thing was cpu-dependent or perhaps just naive-end-user-dependent but the results were worse than an xvid encode at the lowest quality settings. Basically a super-sloppy encode to give the illusion of speed.

Who knows what ATI's intentions actually were with these early Avivo xcode builds but the whole thing was just bizarre, and according to various sources nothing has changed in the mean time: Sulik 23rd August Before starting the usual avivo-bashing, it would be interesting to answer these 3 questions: Now, lets talk about the unofficial rating system used at ATI Avivo Complete Package end of the test. You ask codecs developpers for two configurations: It has already been argued then that max speed alone was worthless:

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